RN Patient Advocates of Arizona works with other organizations to stay on top of trends and information that can be utilized for our clients. We are proud of the affiliations we have:

AdvoConnectionis a service offered to facilitate relationships among patients, caregivers, and the people who can help them navigate the healthcare system and the challenges it presents.

​Alliance of Professional Health Advocates
The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates is a membership organization which supports the needs of health and patient advocates to prepare for advocacy employment or self-employment. APHA provides business mentoring and support to aid in the advocate’s success by connecting them with patients and caregivers to help navigate the healthcare system.

Campaign Zero - Arizona State Representative

North Valley Coalition on Aging

Jackie started this company in 2011 after helping her mother navigate the medical field with a diagnosis of Stage III Lung Cancer. Jackie has worked in a variety of medical settings including family practice, physical therapy, home health, medical surgical floor of a major Arizona hospital as well as in the offices of leading oncology physicians in the Phoenix area. Since Jackie completed the RN Patient Advocate Program in association with the University of Arizona College of Nursing, her nursing practice has encompassed alternative methods.

Her personal as well as professional experiences have given Jackie a unique and insightful perspective in working with patients undergoing medical treatments. Jackie is experienced and compassionate in working with the total patient and not just their illness. 


Jackie Shore