our promise to you

Patient Advocates AZ is committed to empowering people in their healthcare choices through Advocacy, Education & Guidance when dealing with the healthcare system.  We help you, the patient, navigate through the often complex and confusing healthcare maze of physicians, pharmacists, hospitals, insurance companies and Medicare.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Patient Advocates AZ has built a solid reputation for providing quality services and increased safety for patients throughout Arizona. Through the years, we have grown our services and developed additional programs to meet the needs of our patients and their families. As Registered Nurses (RNs) we leverage our knowledge, insight, and firsthand experiences to be able to explain your treatment options and healthcare alternatives.  With its diverse offerings, Patient Advocates AZ is one of the very few local patient advocate organizations that can service patients throughout the entire state. Patient Advocates AZ has an established track record.   We are extremely proud of our success and our ability to provide the ultimate in patient advocacy services.

WHAT WE DOn't do

►We do not render legal advice or opinions, nor do we get involved in litigation.  There is a specific type of legal nurse advocate for that.
►We do not prescribe.  We are not doctors.
►We never tell you what to do, we research and educate you as to your options, so you can make good decisions for yourself.
►We do not provide direct care. We are not home care nurses, nor do we interfere with hospital or medical care, even when we are present as your advocates.


Your Arizona based Patient Advocate will help bridge the communication gap between you and your healthcare providers.       
► They can attend doctor appointments with you and take notes to ensure compliance with physician directions.  As a registered nurse, your Patient Advocate AZ partner will understand the terms and verbiage in use at doctors offices and hospitals.   

► Patient Advocates want to empower YOU and make YOU feel that YOU are in control of your healthcare destiny.  They will take the time to listen to you and together you will be able to discuss your options and make an educated decision about your healthcare.      

► In order to help protect your safety, they will help manage orders from multiple physicians and caregivers, review medications with your pharmacist and coordinate additional additional services, referrals and other complimentary health services.      

► Your patient advocate can speak with relatives or family members that cannot be with you at all times to help you make informed healthcare decisions.        

► When you need a strong voice to speak on your behalf to your doctor, you have someone on your team who will spend time with you, is knowledgeable and that really cares and is compassionate.  Your Arizona patient advocate is a specially trained medical professional who will advocate FOR you so that YOU can focus on regaining your health.

► When you need an educational presentation to your group, church, synagogue on a medical topic, call us.  We have many presentations to present to help in community education.